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Luca from Italy joined the lab

Luca Guglielmo (right behind Matteo) arrived in March to start an internship for 3 months to complete his Bachelor degree. After graduation he is moving to Sweden, Stockholm for his master’s. It was a pleasure to have you with us. We wish you all the best for your further studies and scientific career.

Farewell group picture – Mai 2018

Adult neurogenesis 2018 (May 2018)


Kristiano, Sandra and Hannah took the train to Dresden and attended the 5th adult neurogenesis meeting organised by Gerd Kempermann and Abcam. They listened to many interesting talks giving insides to new ideas in the field, including Sandra’s, who was invited to talk about her PhD work.


We visted the SFN (November 2017)

Sandra and Hannah flew to the SFN, which took place in Washington DC this year (11th – 15th of November). They contributed with a poster and a mini talk. In regard to the size of the conference and the amount of scientific work presented by the neuroscience community an overwhelming but very interesting experience.


GLIA 2017 in Edinburgh

Esther and Jana took a plane to Scotland to attend the Glia conference in Edinburgh (8th – 11th of July). Both presented a poster, enjoyed the talks and discussions related to their PhD work and got to know the Scottish culture.