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GLIA 2019 in Porto

Esther, Sandra and Gulzar travelled to the Glia 2019 to present her scientific work on stem cells and astrocytes. This year the conference took place in Porto, a nice harbour city at the atlantic ocean which is famous for their port wine 😉 Matteo joined after the conference started to grasp as well the most important new findings of our colleagues in the glial field of science. We are already looking forward to the next GLIA conference in Marseille, France in 2021.

How defended his Master Thesis

How is the well dressed guy in the middle

Congrats to How – he successfully completed his master studies with the analysis of mitochondrial membrane potentials in the Bergami Lab. He disappeared for hours to get live cell imaging running and put a lot efforts in the analysis of the obtained signals. Unfortunately there are rumors that he might leave us to start his PhD career in Switzerland… nevertheless we wish you all the best and already miss you AND your technically gifted contributions to daily life – he repaired cell phones, bicycles and coffee machines for us 😉

Cambridge Retreat

Matteo invited us to a joint retreat in Cambridge hosted by the lab of Benedikt Berninger. Thanks again for the warm welcome. Scientist from the Christophe Heinrich, Sergio Gascon and Marisa Karow lab participated as well. The broad interest in adult neurogenesis, stem cell research, cellular reprogramming, glia and mitochondrial physiology put together a very interesting set of talks. Due to visa issues and pregnancy status 😉 the Bergami lab started reduced in number but with a very good mood to an exciting 3 day trip to the UK.


Lab trip (September 2018)

We headed to Heumarkt after a joint breakfast to meet at noon a guide for the city-rallye we booked in advance. We were looking forward to solving riddles while moving through our city cologne… BUT were disappointed by the guide who showed up 1 hour late and was not informed about the necessity to perform everything in English. We cancelled and decided to go the famous Zoo 😉 so we still walked quite a bit and closed the day with a well deserved barbeque.

Volga Neuroscience Meeting 2018

Matteo accepted an invitation from Russia to attend the Volga Neuroscience Meeting in July 2018. After a turbulent ride to get the visa before conference start the real adventure began – the conference took place an a boat and this was actually cruising along the Volga river 😉 The program committee put together an international group of speakers based in the USA, Europe, Russia and Asia.

Russia_from official conference webpage
the meeting was held on board of this boat
Matteo, Benedikt Berninger & Francois Guillemot during safety instructions – to avoid scientist overboard 😉



Luca from Italy joined the lab

Luca Guglielmo (right behind Matteo) arrived in March to start an internship for 3 months to complete his Bachelor degree. After graduation he is moving to Sweden, Stockholm for his master’s. It was a pleasure to have you with us. We wish you all the best for your further studies and scientific career.

Farewell group picture – Mai 2018