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Visit at Leica Headquarters

We visited our former colleague Patric at the Leica headquarters in Wetzlar. We were invited to test a new microscope which will be available for customers in the coming year. It was a pleasure to get to know the company and the internal construction and designing steps which are necessary for the implementation process.


Buddy Bash

We decided to go for a team event called „buddy bash“ during our lab trip day and it was  a good decision 😉 It was a day full of adventure and laughter. We split in two teams and competed in plenty of mini games against each other. We needed physical power, intelligence and a good team spirit to complete the tasks. The „happy wild types“ were leading before the last game but the „(sick) knockouts“ fought till the end and could tie the score. So everyone could enjoy the early dinner at the brewery without grief ;).

SFN 2019 in Chicago

This year the SFN conference took place in Chicago and it was all about mitochondria – at least for the Bergami Lab. Matteo and Elisa were invited to talk about their work in the Minisymposium „Pleiotropic Mitochondria: The Influence of Mitochondria on Neuronal Development and Disease“. Kristiano (not in the picture) presented his work about mitochondria dynamics in interneurons during the poster sessions.

Speakers of the Minisymposium

A new addition to the PhD graduate pool – Dr. Jana

Oh happy day! Today Jana defended her PhD thesis. She presented her work and answered comprehensively to all the curious questions of her committee members Matthias Hammerschmidt, Aleksandra Trifunovic and certainly Matteo. So we could finally reward her with a fantastic PhD hat. Matteo seemed to be quite happy to add his first PhD student to the pool of PhD graduates 😉 Her work on astroglial mitochondrial fusion proteins and their important role upon brain injury is published on the preprint server biorivx. Check it out: Göbel et al. 2019


GLIA 2019 in Porto

Esther, Sandra and Gulzar travelled to the Glia 2019 to present her scientific work on stem cells and astrocytes. This year the conference took place in Porto, a nice harbour city at the atlantic ocean which is famous for their port wine 😉 Matteo joined after the conference started to grasp as well the most important new findings of our colleagues in the glial field of science. We are already looking forward to the next GLIA conference in Marseille, France in 2021.

How defended his Master Thesis

How is the well dressed guy in the middle

Congrats to How – he successfully completed his master studies with the analysis of mitochondrial membrane potentials in the Bergami Lab. He disappeared for hours to get live cell imaging running and put a lot efforts in the analysis of the obtained signals. Unfortunately there are rumors that he might leave us to start his PhD career in Switzerland… nevertheless we wish you all the best and already miss you AND your technically gifted contributions to daily life – he repaired cell phones, bicycles and coffee machines for us 😉