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Esther defended her PhD Work

Yet another online PhD Defense took place. We watched her defense via zoom and can attest: she did great! Congratulations. Esther concentrated on glia cells and observed the role of NEMO/NF-кB signaling in microglia and astrocytes reacting to brain injury. She is off now to another adventure in life 😉 We will see her back in the lab after her maternity and parental leave.

Congrats to Dr. Wani! Another great online PhD Defense

Gulzar discovered important new functions of a mitochondrial protease in adult neural stem cells during his time as a PhD student. His work was supported by the Cologne Graduate School of Ageing Research. Unfortunately personal contact was still limited due to corona regulations but we tried our best to celebrate this great day! Gulzar and his expertise will stay a little longer in the lab 😉 Needless to say: We are very happy about that.

Paper Dinner

We had dinner together to celebrate the acceptance of our paper. We revealed that mitochondria-endoplasmic reticulum contacts in reative astrocytes promote vascular remodeling: here you go 😉 Congrats especially to the first author Jana who left us for good to explore non-academic job possibilties. We miss her a lot, wish her all the best and hope for a lot of coffee visits.


Visit at Leica Headquarters

We visited our former colleague Patric at the Leica headquarters in Wetzlar. We were invited to test a new microscope which will be available for customers in the coming year. It was a pleasure to get to know the company and the internal construction and designing steps which are necessary for the implementation process.


Buddy Bash

We decided to go for a team event called „buddy bash“ during our lab trip day and it was  a good decision 😉 It was a day full of adventure and laughter. We split in two teams and competed in plenty of mini games against each other. We needed physical power, intelligence and a good team spirit to complete the tasks. The „happy wild types“ were leading before the last game but the „(sick) knockouts“ fought till the end and could tie the score. So everyone could enjoy the early dinner at the brewery without grief ;).